Music is life.


Open Sourced

Kaku is open sourced at GitHub and is maintained by many contributors. Please feel free to contribute if you love this project !

All Platforms

We use web technology to build up Kaku from scratch. So it supports Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Feel free to download anyone which matches your platform !

Different Sources

In our design, Kaku should be an awesome music player which supports different music sources like YouTube, Baidu, Vimeo ... etc. If you are interested with our following releases that may support other different sources, please go like our Facebook page for our updates !

Support Kaku

At first, Kaku is just a small project made as a gift. But after a while, this has become a big project including so many awesome features (and more coming up). But we all know that any kind of development takes time and money needless to say Kaku is way beyond my original imagination !

Any 1 peny will be a big help and I am sure they will be mainly used on this porject like server costs, developer license fees ... etc. I already opened a patreon page for Kaku and there are some awesome perks that you can get after supporting Kaku. Please give it a check and be part of this community :)

P.S if you are a company and want to sponsor Kaku, please drop me an email directly. Thanks :)


There are so many people helping on this project, thank you guys :)